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Photo taken by: Toyoo Mori
Event Description

Tanka Workshop #3

“Tanka Workshop”/ Autumn

The Tanka Workshop/Autumn was held on November 19th in the early winter atmosphere at the Poughkeepsie Community Room. This time, the theme was “Shizuku” (referring to a drop of water), which members found to be deceivingly difficult.

“Shizuku” does not have any kanji compounds and its reading is unique to the Japanese language. However, it can be used as a verb, such as “shizuku suru”, “shizuki au” and “shizukitari”. Because of this, it has a way of making the flow, sound, and suggestiveness of tanka beautiful. You could hear this effect in everyone’s tanka, which all flowed smoothly and left a lingering resonance. We closed the workshop with our usual tea and chat time and enjoyed the light snacks that everyone had brought along to share.

Unfortunately, this was our last tanka workshop. It has been 13 years since we started in April 2010, and we’ve been able to continue all these years thanks to the passion, enthusiasm and smiles of our members, which I’m grateful for.

Thank you very much.

“The flow of the river never ceases.
And the water never stays the same.
Bubbles float on surface of pools,
Bursting, re-forming, never lingering.”

“Hojoki” Kamo no Chomei Written in March 1212
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