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Photo taken by: Yoko Izu
Event Description

Kimono Kitsuke Ellenville Library

Kimono Program

On Saturday, October 21, we held a 2-hour kimono program at the Ellenville Library where people could view and try on kimonos. Unfortunately, there were not as many participants as expected due to the rainy weather.

Six volunteers prepared tables and coat racks of kimonos and accessories - some owned by MHJCA and others borrowed from members. It looked like a kimono shop, with everything from tomesode and furisode to a beautiful formal wedding kimono on display. Tables were lined with various obis and accessories, sandals, geta, Japanese umbrellas, and dolls.

There were a few people who just looked at the kimonos, but most who came in were excited for the opportunity to try one on. After getting dressed, they posed for a photo with accessories to complete the look.

There were a couple of little girls who came in and they were especially adorable. One family (mom, dad, and a daughter around age 4) decided that they would all try on a kimono. They posed for a photo and it looked like they were commemorating Shichi-Go-San (a traditional festival for young children). We told them about the festival and they were very interested to learn that it was a celebration of children's growth.

The one thing we missed out on was the chance to explain how sustainable kimonos are. If we host another workshop in the future, we will be sure to emphasize this! We hope that the interest in kimonos encourages both children and adults to be curious about and understand different cultures and traditions.

We’d like to thank the library for the opportunity and our volunteers for their tireless and generous work.

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