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Photo taken by: Yoko Izu
Event Description

Calligraphy Workshop: Kakizome

1/29/23 Calligraphy Workshop at the Poughkeepsie Galleria Community Room

This workshop was our members’ Kakizome. It was exciting to see 8 kids come with their parents to challenge themselves with their First Writing of the New Year. Actually, it was their very first time doing this and, as expected, they all showed their natural skills, each very unique and characteristic.

Because the kanji that all the participants practiced were short, the Kakizome’s traditional long Washi paper was not used. But the expressive work they did certainly was as ambitious and big as their dreams for the future. That is what Kakizome is all about and I was very pleased that they had the opportunity to be a part of the traditional Japanese culture.

Midori Shinye
Calligraphy instructor
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