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Photo taken by: Masashi Miyake
Event Description

Year-End Luncheon

Year-End Luncheon

On Sunday, December 4, we held our long-awaited Year-End Luncheon at the Poughkeepsie Galleria Community Room.

With 29 members in attendance, it was a full house and you could feel everyone’s energy and excitement from being able to catch up and socialize with friends and acquaintances.

Lunch was served bento-style with a choice of sushi/sashimi or hibachi chicken with noodles. We also had platters of salad, edamame, shumai, and fried spring rolls to share at the tables. For dessert, MHJCA prepared individual packets with dorayaki, rice crackers, and a clementine.

Afterwards, we held a raffle where members were called up at random to select a mystery bag filled with goodies! The prizes ranged from hand warmers and stationery, to food items and holiday centerpieces (which were made specially by Taeko-san).

We also had a mini market with various Japanese items for sale, including vintage wood confectionery molds, vases and dolls, beautiful pressed flower art by Chikako-san, and a small assortment of packaged foods.

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon and we’re happy that so many of our members were able to come together to eat, chat, and laugh. We hope everyone had as much as fun as we did!

A very special thank you to member Dorothy Baran for volunteering her time to coordinate the catering, and to Mizu Sushi in Hyde Park for preparing our delicious lunch!

We have one final event left for 2022:
The Mochitsuki (mochi pounding) on Sunday, December 18.
If you have not RSVP’d yet and would like to attend, please remember to do so by Today, December 13 to treasurer@mhjca.org.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!
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