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Photo taken by: Midori Shinye
Event Description

Calligraphy Workshop #1

08/14/22 Calligraphy Workshop No. 1

It’s been more than two years since we last had our members’ calligraphy workshop. Even this year, we had to postpone it because this type of workshop requires close contact, but we finally felt comfortable to reopen.

Not only was it refreshing for our calligraphy skills but being able to exchange long overdue face-to-face greetings with “It’s good to see you!” was what we’ve been waiting for.

During the workshop, naturally, many chose to write words related to the summer season. When you are too busy with daily life, it’s easy to overlook making the time to relax and notice the things Japanese people used to enjoy, such as hearing a chorus of singing frogs. This became Ohba-san’s writing of the day, and you can see it in his calligraphy - it’s a symphony!

Thanks to Taeko-san who helped me at the workshop. Although I grew up speaking and writing Japanese, it’s always great to have someone who knows the proper and formal ways.

I will plan to hold another workshop by the end of this year.

Midori Shinye
Calligraphy instructor
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