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Photo taken by: Masashi Miyake
Event Description

Children's Ikebana

After a quiet year, MHJCA was happy to finally participate in a public event on Saturday, September 11.

MHJCA offered a fun kid-friendly ikebana activity, in collaboration with the Woodstock Public Library and two local Japanese mothers who host a monthly Japanese Story Hour as part of the library’s children’s program.

Our volunteers prepared 16 “vases” made from repurposed milk cartons and yogurt containers and colorful duct tape. They also cut the flowers and greenery and organized them into individual bouquets for the kids.

After some warm-up activities and story time on the library’s front lawn, the kids chose their own containers and received their flowers. There were 13 children (ranging from about 2-7 years of age) who participated and they all did a great job of making their own arrangements!

Although we called this “ikebana,” we didn’t focus on ikebana concepts since the kids were so young. The main goal was to have them enjoy the process of creating something beautiful with their own hands.

Both the kids and their parents had a lot of fun and we were pleased to receive positive feedback from several people.

We’re very grateful to the library for allowing us to participate in their children’s program and hope this opens up the door for more opportunities in the future.

Many thanks to our volunteers for their time and efforts in making this a successful event!

Yoko Izu, program coordinator
Translated by Atsuko Shimojo
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