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Photo taken by: Yoko Izu
Event Description

Cooking Class #1

On Friday, May 21, we hosted our first online cooking class for members.

Since the pandemic has severely limited in-person gatherings, we wanted to have an event that members could attend virtually. Our first idea was to hold a live cooking class over Zoom, which was hosted by Atsuko Shimojo and offered in both Japanese and English.

We had 9 members join us online to learn how to make California Rolls, (also known as “uramaki” or inside-out rolls).

The class covered:
- what ingredients and equipment are needed
- how to make sushi rice
- how to make Japanese short-grain rice if you don’t have a rice cooker
- how to roll and cut sushi

Since we had additional time, we also demonstrated how to roll “hosomaki” (where the seaweed is on the outside), “futomaki” (a bigger version of hosomaki, with multiple fillings), and "temari sushi" (ball-shaped sushi).

After the class, members were sent a pdf with a recipe for sushi vinegar, a list of the ingredients and equipment needed, and a link to MHJCA's “How To Cook Rice On The Stovetop” tutorial video.

It was a wonderful way to reconnect and we were happy to see everyone’s faces after such a long break.

Thank you again to everyone who joined the class!

Yoko Izu
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