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Event Album: Annual Potluck: 10/01/2016
Event Note

 Our member, Chikako-san & Toyoo-san, have been very generous in hosting a potluck party for us every year. They both are very good cook, too. So, again, 23 of us brought food to the Mori’s in Ellenville today. The potluck we did in the past were always good but this one was exceptionally good as there were so many variety dishes and they were absolutely delicious! We talked and talked, and laughed a lot, all between food. Rosemarie (who didn’t join today though) once told me an Italian saying “where food are people don’t get old” – I have to get the Italian version of it from her again - A lot of times I found same proverbs in different language, and that proves we all are most likely thinking or feeling pretty much same way doesn’t matter which country we live. However, I don’t know if there is a Japanese version of that one. I guess we better make one by the next potluck because we’d love to stay young while enjoying food.

We also enjoyed Mini-market where we found many interesting Japanese items such as plates & cups and lots of veggies. The outside garden was very pretty as it started adding color. In the country side in Japan where farmers still producing rice this is the harvesting time. In old days people in the community had gathered to help each other. In the mid-day, we kids brought snacks and drinks to them who sat and relaxed and chi-chatted. Although those times were long gone, and the environment is completely different here as we certainly never see rice farms but pumpkin field instead, we still can enjoy meals together. The huge Japanese Maple tree in the Mori’s backyard, however, somewhat helped us bring our memory back to where we grew up watching bright red maple leaves falling from a tree. It was one good fall day.

Midori Shinye
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