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The Mid-Hudson Japanese Community Association (MHJCA) was created specifically to bring together residents of the Hudson Valley who have a mutual interest in exploring the various ways in which Japanese and American cultures can intertwine, and sharing this cultural celebration with those around them.

Thank you for your donations!
Year 2018

"Sun" Donors

Rosemarie Calista
Hiro Garcia
Georgia Herring
Kitchenatsuko, Inc.
Masashi Miyake
Kikue Ohashi
Tomiko West
Keiko Wright
Gigi Zimmermann

"Moon" Donors

Chikako Mori
Atsuko Shimojo
Midori Shinye
Taeko Yanagida

Wedding Event

Georgia Herring
Terumi Jones
Elinor Levy
Yaeko Palazzo
Linda Schultz
Midori Shinye

Note: "Sun" Donation: 100% tax deductible monetary donation, "Moon" Donation: tax deductible monetary donation. Please consult your tax adviser. "Earth" Donation: Non-monetary donation. Please consult your tax adviser. Wedding Event donation is one time event donation in 2018.

Our History:
MHJCA History

2018 - 2019 Board Member
Chair ... Midori Shinye
Vice Chair ... Yuriko Tanaka-Jones
Secretary ... Halimin Herjanto
Treasurer ... Atsuko Shimojo
Board member ... Keiko Wright
Board member ... Yuri Horiguchi

Photo Gallery Director : Toyoo Mori
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