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THE MID-HUDSON JAPANESE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, specifically to bring together residents of Hudson Valley who have an interest in the many ways in which Japanese and American cultures interact and wish to share that interest with all who live around them.

Thank you for your donations!
Year 2016

"Sun" Donors
Mary Jane Carpentier
Mayumi D'Agostino
Akiko Fujimori
Nobuo and Junko Onuma
Jane Scarpanton
Michiko Suzuki
Tomiko and Melvin West
Keiko Wright

"Moon" Donors
Rosemarie Calista
Shinichi Honda
Kyoto Kimono
KitchenAtsuko, Inc.
Chikako Mori
Atsuko Shimojo
Midori Shinye

"Earth" Donors
Nobuo Onuma
Junko Onuma
Suntree Wiley

Note: "Sun" Donation: 100% tax deductible monetary donation, "Moon" Donation: tax deductible monetary donation. Please consult your tax adviser. "Earth" Donation: Non-monetary donation. Please consult your tax adviser.

Our History:
MHJCA History

2017 Board Member
Chair ... Midori Shinye
Vice Chair ... Joyn Wayne Adams
Secretary ... Masashi Miyake
Treasurer ... Atsuko Shimojo
Board member ... Suzumi Adams

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